Where to Eat — San Antonio: “Texas Barbeque”

By Paperbacklou

I’ve been to San Antonio several times for work purposes. One thing that falls out of this is that people who work in an area give you great recommendations for local places to eat.

In San Antonio, these are two places highly recommended for “Texas” Barbeque:

Below are the reviews.

Harmon’s BAR-B-Q

Location: 102 S Main St, Cibolo, TX — a five minute drive north of Reynolds Air Force Base — 20 minutes drive to the Northeast of the city. Website

Review: this local place was highly recommended by the people who work at Reynolds Air Force base. The bar-b-q was terrific; authentic slow-cooked Texas barbeque. Very tasty. Price was inexpensive.


The Original Rudy’s

Location: 24152 I-10 — it is just off the Interstate highway — I-10 — north of the city. Website.

Review: Located by a gas station off the highway — like so many great roadside barbeque eateries in the south — Rudy’s offers a picnic-by-a-gas-station, smorgasbord-style eatery where you select your barbeque meal and drinks at the walk-up counter, and either eat inside or outside.

We ate outside. The Barbeque was terrific. But of course I ate the lunch food in Junior High School without complaint. Still — everyone else says it’s terrific. Rudy’s is so good it has opened up a series of Rudy’s and become a bit of a chain in the San Antonio area. But the one here is the original.

There is a plaque in Rudy’s, pictured at the end of this article, that tells the story of the restaurant and the chain — started by Mack “Doc” Holiday — who opened it as a Meat Market in 1989. According to the plaque, he put his touch into an existing neighborhood general store and gas station called “Rudolph’s” and helped to create a true  Barbeque Joint like the roadside barbeque stands he used to frequent as a kid. The plaque is worth a read.

Sami sitting outside.


Writer Lou V in front of Rudy’s — this was taken in early November — with Thanksgiving approaching (thus the sign above for Hams)


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