We Are All Ignorant Travelers

We are all ignorant travelers — as much as you might research a town beforehand there’s always a ton you won’t know — the backend of the city; where the locals go; the non-tourist local eateries and places to see and do things. Where the public bathrooms are.

Our Approach

We bumble into towns frequently having not researched much beforehand. When work issues are put to bed, we bounce around town — ignorantly — and always take the interesting road, looking for the back alleyways of the city. Eiffel Tower? We’d rather traverse the back streets looking for a good bookstore, try out the Metro, discover a good cafe, or find a bathroom. Our goal is to get you this information so you can be a little less ignorant if you ever travel to the same town.

Meet the Team

Lou V

Founder & Ignorant Traveler

Lou travels world wide for the job. When the job is thru, he takes off and discovers the town. He is as ignorant as they come, but always learning.



Terri V

Writer, Editor, and Ignorant Traveler

Terri’s resume includes years as a very successful Acquisitions Editor and Development Editor for the Dummies brand of books for John Wiley. Prior to that she was a Development editor at McGraw Hill college textbook division and before that the Practical Accountant magazine. She is always looking to improve her spatial relations.




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