Best Deli in NYC — According to Real New Yorkers

What’s the best Deli in NYC?

Tough question — NYC has THOUSAND’S of Deli’s.

This was the question posed to Knick fans by Knick star Julius Randle‘s wife Kendra in April 2024. She asked that those who replied be ‘Real New Yorkers only please lol’.

Knick fans responded. As of this writing, the tweet has 455 responses. We went through the responses and tallied them up.

The results are below. But first some lead-up info:

Types of Deli’s

It is important to note what a number of people noted in the comments: there are different types of Deli’s — mostly broken down into these main types:

  • Jewish Kosher Deli’s
  • Italian Deli’s
  • Bodegas
  • Bagel Shops — really a different category but some have the best sandwiches
  • Mexican Deli’s

Types of Sandwiches

And there are different kinds of sandwiches:

  • Cold-cut sandwiches
  • Hot sandwiches
  • Chopped meat sandwiches

And then, don’t forget the knishes. Read below to find the best place for those.

The Bronx? Harlem? Brooklyn? Queens? Staten Island? Long Island?

Some other general pointers before we get into the list of top deli’s:

  • “As long as it’s in the hood it’s good” — Jaysweat.
  • “Go hit up any corner store in the bx, no Manhattan delis please  unless you go to Harlem” — Sunami Sev
  • “Gotta go to Brooklyn, Harlem or the Bronx” — Steven Fortune.
  • “Anything in Staten Island tbh” — New World Disorder.
  • “Mrs Randle the best delis are on Long Island without a doubt” — Dylan Sandas.
  • “The best NYC Deli’s are in Hoboken” — Ryan.
  • “Have to go by boroughs” — The Bronx Pulse.
  • “The one closest to your house with the your favorite things” — BigVFrmHarlemWorld.

Need a Cat?

  • “Any deli with a resident cat,” said Perspective.
  • Anywhere that has a cat sitting on the wonder bread,” offered RasheedtheGemini.

There are more tips and general comments in the middle of this article.

My View

Personally, I was born in Brooklyn and have lived in Staten Island (over 30 yrs) and Brooklyn (15 yrs) my whole life, with much time spent in all the boroughs — including working in Manhattan for over 15 years, working on the Queens/Long Island border for 10 years, and spending a lot of time in the Bronx, and Long Island, and New Jersey. So I believe I have credentials as a “Real New Yorker” and listed my favorite Deli, but can’t possibly talk for all the thousands of Deli’s in NYC.

Everyone’s View

Here is what everyone else said — again 455 answers to date — ranked by # of people mentioning each Deli (some people listed more than one Deli as their fav).

The trick with Twitter (or X) these days is that it does not list all comments — it only lists 150 or so for this thread, with a slightly different mix every time you click, also dependent on if you view on your computer vs your cell phone. I clicked over a dozen times and meticulously read thru the responses, compiling the answers.

The Top 20

1. Katz’s Delicatessen, Manhattan

36 people said Katz’s is the best or one of the best deli’s. Located on Houston Street and Ludlow Street in Manhattan, the location of the famous scene in “When Harry Met Sally” and the line “I’ll have what she’s having” — Katz’s is known as NYC’s oldest deli and is known for its “Pastrami or Corned Beef” sandwiches.

Pastrami Sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen

Some thought Katz’s was touristy; others said, in essence: ‘so what –it’s the real deal’.

“It’s iconic and its pastrami is classic. Have what Sally had at Katz,” said Sheckie (All Others Are Imposters).

Ron DeLaPena agreed: “Katz’s Deli for the pastrami is worth all the tourists that now flood the tables.”

“2nd Ave deli is delicious but you really can’t go wrong even if you end up at Katz. People claim tourist trap but its damn good and pretty cool,” added Tom Polkowski.

Some staunchly defended Katz’s as Not a tourist spot: “First off Katz’s is the oldest deli in NYC opened in 1888; second I don’t know who “we” is but I’ve never heard Katz’s called a tourist spot but what do I know I’ve only been around here for 65 yrs; third, it’s not just counter service there is sit down service with waiters,” said Keane.

2. 2nd Avenue Deli, Manhattan

19 people said 2nd Avenue Deli is the best.

Not on 2nd Avenue anymore — but rather two locations — one on 162 East 33rd Street between 3rd Avenue and Lexington Avenue, and 1442 1st Avenue on the southeast corner of 75th Street. 2nd Ave Deli was #2 with 19 mentions as a top Deli.

2nd Avenue Deli on 33rd Street — between 3rd Avenue & Lexington. It is not on 2nd Avenue Anymore
2nd Avenue Deli on 1st Avenue at 75th Street.

2nd Avenue Deli bills itself as “An Authentic Jewish Culinary Experience.” “Get that matzoh ball soup too trusttt,” advised Larry Costanza.

Pastrami Sandwich at 2nd Avenue Deli

3. Sal, Kris, & Charlie’s in Astoria, Queens

7 people said Sal, Kris, and Charlies is the best. It was #3 most mentioned top Deli.

It’s at 33-12 23rd Ave in Astoria, Queens.

Go to “Sal, Chris and Charlie’s in Astoria for cold cut hero’s,” advised KMAC. “Have them cut it in ‘fours’,” enthused Greg Smith.

“Try Sal, Kris and Charlie’s Deli in Astoria,” advised Dwight Rodwell. “Best sandwiches in the city, especially when it comes to the combo sandwich known as The Bomb.”

The Bomb at Sal, Kris, and Charlie’s in Astoria, Queens.

“There is absolutely no better in NYC,” said Mike Rohas. Someone provided a link to a TikTok video.

Here’s a youtube video:

4 (tie). Cristina’s in Whitestone, Queens

6 people said Cristina’s Deli is the best, ranking it in a tie for #4 in the most-mentioned great NYC deli’s.

Located at 1237 150th Street in Whitestone, Queens, “they got some crazy sandwiches there,” declared Bankai (FINISHED THE STORY).

Specifically mentioned is “Heart Attack on a Roll”, which is a particular sandwich name. Other popular sandwiches include “Mr. Mayor”, “The Hank”, and “The Basic.”

“Idk about the best but they’ve never let me down. Always leave full and happy,” said Luisa.

4 (tie). Cherry Valley in Whitestone, Queens

6 people said Cherry Valley is the best, placing it in a tie for 4th.

“If you are talking Jewish Deli, then Katz’s Deli. If you are talking sandwich shop deli then Cherry Valley,” said The Dork.

“Can’t believe how many people putting Christina’s over Cherry Valley,” exclaimed The Wanderer on the Kendra Randle twitter thread comments.

“Mother, you gotta go to deep Queens. Cherry Valley in Whitestone!!” said SHEAL.

There are videos on youtube comparing Cherry Valley vs Cristinas:

4 (tie). DeFonte’s in Red Hook, Brooklyn

6 people said DeFonte’s in Red Hook, Brooklyn is the best, tying it for 4th place. It is especially known for its “Chicken Cutlet or Potato & Egg Hero.”

“You have to come to Defonte’s in Red Hook. Best sandwich in New York,” said ichabod.

DeFonte’s website says, “For those seeking a classic breakfast sandwich, the potato and egg is a must-try.”

Defonte’s Potato and Egg Sandwich

DeFonte’s also says on its website, “One of the standout features of Defonte’s is the Staten Island influence on the menu.”

4 (tie). Sarge’s Deli in Murray Hill, Manhattan

6 people said Sarge’s is the best.

It is on 3rd Ave between 36th and 37th.

Sarge’s was recommended “for the old school Jewish deli.”

“If by New York, you mean Manhattan I would recommend Sarge’s deli on  east side in Murray Hill,” said Arnim Holzer. “Really traditional sandwiches. But I’ll let my friends in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island answer for themselves. There are tons of great ones. This is New York.#GoNYGo”

“Best NYC deli like “favorite pizza” or “best tacos” (for Cali people) has no correct answer but Katz’s for pastrami still reigns supreme for me,” said Daniel Wexler. “Sarge’s is underrated though. I’m not saying it’s the absolute best but it’s very solid/good and considering it’s been around for over 50 years, it deserves more attention than it gets. It’s dare I say.. underrated.”

8. Filoncino’s & Royal Crown Cafe in Staten Island

4 people said Filoncino’s or Royal Crown Cafe in Staten Island is the best.

Filoncino’s Cafe on Amboy Road in Eltingville, Staten Island, and Royal Crown Cafe on Hylan Blvd in Dongan Hills are owned by the same owner and offer the same fare.  They have recently opened up a new store — called Paneantico — in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and have another new store being built in Red Bank, NJ. and  and

Filoncino’s got my vote on the Kendra Randle tweet replies. I regularly order their 44th Street sandwich. Their fries are great.

Both stores also have a terrific bakery as part of the store up front, and make one of the best Cappucino’s on Staten Island.

Said NY Sports: “Depends on what you’re in the mood for: Katz is overrated, you want chopped cheese then def gotta hit a bodega in the BX; you want a nice Italian sandwich you gotta go to Defontes or Filoncino in Staten Island.”

Dr. &rew Olsen, PhD (Blue Check Mark) agreed, mentioning Filoncino’s other store, the Royal Crown Cafe: “For Italian Sandwiches: Royal Crown in Staten Island. Jewish Deli: Pastrami Queen on the UES (Upper East Side); Bagels: Absolute Bagels on the UWS (Upper West Side).”

Royal Crown/Filancino’s restaurant has known ties to the Gambino Crime Family, if that whets your appetite more. Possibly many of these deli’s have ties to the mob in some way.

8 (tie). Faicco’s on Bleeker

4 people said Faicco’s on 260 Bleeker Street in the Village is the best.

“Not really a Deli but Fiacco’s,” said Woody Wright.

“The best sandwiches around,” said another commenter.

“@FaiccosPork 100000%,” chimed in Jason Segall.

8 (tie). Liebman’s Kosher Deli in Riverdale

4 people said Liebman’s in Riverdale, the Bronx is the best.

“Their famous location is in Riverdale, but they also just opened one up out in Westchester,” noted Morgan C Williams Jr.

The top seller is their Pastrami Sandwich.

“Go to the Riverdale section of the Bronx and hit up Liebman’s. For a one-of-kind experience got to Katz’ and order at the counter. Or get in a Time Machine and go to the 2nd Avenue Deli when it was still on 2nd Avenue,” advised KeithMarder.

Here is a video of Liebman’s in the Bronx:

11. Mike’s on Arthur Avenue, the Bronx

3 people said Mike’s on Arthur Avenue is the best deli.

“Mikes Deli in the Bronx! But Second Ave Deli is a close runner-up,” proclaimed Viktor Vaughn III.

Interestingly enough, a month after Kendra Randle’s tweet and the tremendous feedback it received, and after the Knicks’ season ended, Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart took a tour of Mike’s on Arthur Avenue as part of their Podcast.

11 (tie). Russ and Daughters, Manhattan

3 people said Russ and Daughters is the best deli.

Their slogan: “108 Years of Bagels and Lox”. Their history:

Three sit-down locations:

  • 179 E Houston St
  • 127 Orchard St
  • 502 W 34th St

Alisa Schwartz gave a good summation of top Jewish Kosher Deli’s: ‘”In the Bronx it’s Liebman’s Deli or in Manhattan go to Sarge’s or 2nd Ave Deli. Those are my 3. Oh wait, I like Russ & Daughters too. So 4.”

In 2022, it was reported by the NY Post that Time Studios was looking to do a TV Show drama centered around the Deli.

In 2021, according to EATER NY, the 4th generation co-owners of Russ & Daughters — Niki Russ Federman and Josh Russ Tupper — called out celebrity chef Nick Liberato of Netflix’s “Restaurants on the Edge” to change the design of his soon-to-open restaurant in New Jersey. In “a scathing Instagram post” the Russ & Daughters owners said the new business was copying much of the brand’s “iconic design and message.” They added: “These are elements that have been intrinsic to Russ & Daughters for 107 years.”

11 (tie). Blue Sky aka Hajiis in East Harlem

3 people said Hajiis aka Blue Sky is the best deli.

It’s at 2135 First Ave at 110th Street. Blue Sky is no longer on the store’s sign — but the store is still referred to as Blue Sky or Hajii’s.

“Home of the original chopped cheese,” — said one Knick fan.

“Blue Sky Deli aka Hajjis makes the best chopped cheese,” agreed Mr D. “Get the OG chopped cheese at Blue Sky deli,” added Luis Mac.

Here’s a video on the Chopped Cheese sandwich.

11 (tie). John’s Deli in Brooklyn (13th Ave)

3 people said John’s Deli in Brooklyn is the best deli.

“It all started in 1968 at 86th St. and Stillwell Ave. in Brooklyn. John’s Deli created what has become known as the “best hero in Brooklyn!” says John’s Deli history page. Click here for the full history.

There are now two locations:

  • 8308 13th Ave at 83rd street in Bensonhurst Brooklyn
  • 173 New Dorp Lane in Staten Island

“Scoop a roast beef hero with gravy and feed the king,” said Mitchell Lobitson (referring to Julius Randle as the King).

“C’mon in to our Staten Island location and get some REAL BEEF with “Mutz & Gravy”,” says John’s Deli’s ‘About Us’ page. “Our gravy is a secret recipe too. We’ve got sandwiches, salads, chicken, ribs, veal, eggplant parm, chicken franchese, sausage and peppers, linguine w/garlic & oil, deli salads, cole slaw, pickles – it’s all here.”

11 (tie). Lioni’s in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

3 people said Lioni’s in Brooklyn is the best deli.

It is located at 7803 15th Avenue at 78th Street in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

Known as the “Home of the fresh Mozzarella.”

“The creamiest fresh mozzarella in town,” says Lioni’s website:

Sandwich at Lioni’s

11 (tie). Hollis Deli in Queens

3 people said Hollis Deli in Queens is the best deli.

“Bring your bulletproof vest,” advised LowKeYstackS

11 (tie). Pastrami Queen, Upper East Side

3 people listed Pastrami Queen as the best deli. It is a Kosher deli.

Four locations:

  • 78th and Lexington
  • 72nd and Broadway
  • 31st and 8th Ave
  • 55 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY

According to their website, “originally famous as Pastrami King in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this quintessential New York deli eventually relocated to Kew Gardens, Queens (hence the name change in 1998), then to Manhattan’s Upper East Side at 1125 Lexington Ave where it stands today as one of 3 locations in Manhattan.” They have a 4th and newest location recently opened in the TimeOut Market (ironically back to their Brooklyn roots) in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

11 (tie). or Double J) Deli in Queens

16802 Union Tpke near St John’s University. Otherwise known as J and J Deli.

3 people listed J and J in Queens as the best deli.

Sandwich at J and J (Double J) Deli in Queens.

19. Farmer in the Deli, Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn

Located at 541 Myrtle Ave, in Brooklyn, it’s known for its “Chopped Anything” sandwich — wherein you can pick anything in the store, and they will chop it up and put it into your sandwich.

This video says it all:

19 (tie). David’s Brisket House in Bed Stuy

Old school Jewish Deli that has been in Bed Stuy for over 50 years.

Pastrami sandwich at David’s Brisket House.

19 (tie). Brothers in Howard Beach

Italian sandwiches — home of the Big Ass Subs:

BKE Angry Pellz voted for Brothers and posted pictures of their sandwiches.

19 (tie). Milano Market West or East

“Good Italian deli ,“ says Art Vandelay.

19 (tie). 179 Deli in Jamaica, Queens

Hillside Ave and 179th Street in Jamaica Queens — the first/last stop on the F train.

The Full List of Top Deli’s in NYC

Some Comments on Ingredients

  • “I enjoy the Rat Salad deli in Times Square,” said Tim Felix. PS: there is no deli named “Rat Salad” in Times Square.
  • “idk but make sure u get a ham and cheese on a roll, a bag of chips and an orange drink. I heard it’s a staple,” said Jordan Cicchelli.

More Tips

  • “All corner stores” — cleophes tindal.
  • “It’s NY. You’re going to get what you pay for but…if you’re willing to walk into a not-so-desirable place, you will find gold when you’re looking for copper.” — YBR
  • “delis are defined by the sammiches lol” — Kai.
  • “There are a few types of deli that can excel. I say 2nd avenue for me, tho. Italian delicatessens are good , but pretty much mostly the same, each neighborhood claims one in theirs is best..and it is. hehe” — Rockin Robin
  • “My corner bodega beats all yall lol” — 777

Here are all the Deli’s mentioned:


Rank Manhattan Deli’s Votes

Katz’s Delicatessen

“It’s iconic and its pastrami is classic. Have what Sally had at Katz.” — Sheckie (all others are imposters)

“Katz’s Deli for the pastrami is worth all the tourists that now flood the tables.” – Ron DeLaPena


2nd Avenue Deli

“2nd Ave deli get that matzoh ball soup too trustttt” – Larry Costanza

4 (tie)

Sarge’s Deli in Murray Hill, Manhattan


“If by New York, you mean Manhattan I would recommend Sarge’s deli on  east side in Murray Hill. Really traditional,sandwiches. But I’ll let my friends in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island answer for themselves. There are tons of great ones. This is New York.#GoNYGo” – arnim Holzer

8 (tie)

Faicco’s on Bleeker

“Not really a Deli but Fiacco’s” – Woody Wright

See writeup above.


Russ and Daughters Manhattan

127 Orchard St and

502 W 34th St

‘”In the Bronx it’s Liebman’s Deli or in Manhattan go to Sarge’s or 2nd Ave Deli. Those are my 3. Oh wait, I like Russ & Daughters too. So 4” – Alisa Schwartz

11 (tie)

Blue Sky aka Hajiis in East Harlem

2135 First Ave. (at 110th Sts

“Blue Sky Deli aka Hajjis makes the best chopped cheese – Mr D

“Get the OG chopped cheese at Blue Sky deli” — Luis Mac

19 (tie)

Milano Market West or East

2892 Broadway at 113th Street – West Side

1582 3rd Ave at 90th Street – East Side

See writeup above.


M & O Market & Deli

124 Thompson St in the Village

“It’s low key but fire” – NYC Hoops


Mendy’s in Midtown

Kosher Restaurant

441 Park Ave South at 30th Street, near Rockefeller Center


East Village Finest

50 Avenue B and 4th Street in Alphabet City/East Village


Montagu Gusto

645 2nd Ave at 36th Street

Says Scotty HOOP Shots: “For Jewish Deli — Katz; for Italian Deli — Faicco’s on Bleecker; for amazing sandwiches in general — Montagu Gusto 2nd Avenue and 36th


Parisi Bakery & Deli on Mott Street

198 Mott Street, Chinatown


Golden Deli in Harlem

137th Street and Broadway

According to its website: “Known for its 24 Hours, Bodega, Deli, Dinner, Mediterranean, Salads, and Sandwiches”

According to a Knick fan commenter: “If we talkin sandwiches go crazy”


Columbia Deli

123rd St in Harlem


Carnegie Deli

In Penn Station

“Carnegie Deli @TheGarden has the best corned beef sandwich I’ve ever had.” – Chris Manno


Sam Gourmet Deli

141st and Broadway


Smilers on Madison Avenue

532 Madison Avenue at 54th Steet


Roosevelt Deli

460 W 57th at 10th Avenue


Zabar’s in Manhattan

2245 Broadway at 80th Street, Upper West Side


Di Palo’s Fine Foods

Grand Street in Little Italy

John Lee voted for Di Palo’s and posted pictures.


King Columbus

104th Street and Columbus Avenue


Absolute Bagels

2788 Broadway at 108th Street, Upper West Side


Sonny & Annie’s in East Village

94 Ave B at 6th Street

“For the late night” – Joey Sik – a 24×7 deli


Chelsea’s Gourmet Deli

259 7th Ave at 25th Street

234 8th Ave at 22nd Street


Nadal or Organic Nadal

3399 Broadway at 138th Street, West Harlem by City College

Recommended for: “Chopped cheeses, beef patties with Cheddars or any chicken Sandwiches, BBQ, lemon or Chiptole”


Pisillo’s Italian

97 Nassau Street and

Times Square at 38th Street


Zaragoza Mexican Deli

215 Avenue A



174 5th Ave


Yona Schimmel Knish Bakery

“Katz’s for pastrami. Yona Schimmel for knishes.” – Joe Harris

137 East Houston Street


Disosnyc – Italian Deli on Wheels

@DiSOSNYC if you’re looking for Italian sandwiches – BillyV

You find a Diso’s Food Truck on line at


Amish Market

731 9th Ave


Fancy NY Grill and Deli

20 Ave A


Regina’s Grocery

Original store is on 27 Orchard St, Manhattan

Other locations: Little Italy, Upper East Side, and Bed Stuy Brooklyn


The Corner Deli

106 Kenmare St

Morton Williams Supermarket

“Not a deli but Morton Williams Supermarket makes really good sandwiches and has a nice Food Bar at the 15 West End Ave location” — AP


Angela’s Rock n Roll Deli near Central Park


The Best of New York Food

150 Water Street

“Katz or second Ave for kosher deli. For regular bodega deli I love The Best of New York Food,” said Hailey_CryptoMac



 Rank Brooklyn Deli‘s  Votes
4 (tie)

DeFontes in Red Hook

379 Columbia Street

See writeup above.

11 (tie)

Lioni’s in Brooklyn (15th Ave) Bensonhurst

See writeup above.

11 (tie)

John’s Deli in Brooklyn (13th Ave)

“Scoop a roast beef hero with gravy and feed the king” – Mitchell Lobitson

See writeup above.

11 (tie)

Anthony and Sons Panini Shop in Williamsburg

433 Graham Ave, Brooklyn

Known for “hot hero’s” and “Italian sandwiches”

See writeup above.

19 (tie)

Farmer in the Deli on Myrtle Avenue

541 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn

See writeup above.

“Look up the chopped “anything” sandwich at the Farmer and the Deli in the lower east side!!!” – Steven Sanchez

19 (tie)

David’s Brisket House in Bed Stuy

See writeup above.


Gottlieb’s in Williamsburg


Mill Basin Deli in Brooklyn


Tom’s Deli on Washington Ave in Brooklyn

After careful consideration, F. Lowe decided “I’m going with Tom’s deli on Washington Ave in Brooklyn.”


Park Slope Metro Gourmet

4th Av and 9th “They sandwiches and Paninis are fire” – AnnieaAreYouOk?


Worlds’ Famous on Bergen St in Park Slope


Jah Bless in Brooklyn

“Jah Bless in BK. Any other answer is 🧢” — Justin Dean


Fraenkel’s in Brooklyn


Bagel World in Fort Green Brooklyn

“I only say this because they’re in my neighborhood and the bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel is always perfect, it’s my Sunday breakfast. They also have black & white cookies, the big ones”—Grady226


Kings Deli on Kings Highway


Essen Deli in Brooklyn


Hana Food in Williamsburg

“Hana Food down the street from where Kellogg’s Diner is/was in Williamsburg I stand by it” — Rambles from the Garden

Alnoor in Brooklyn


Deli 52

Kosher Deli

5120 13th Ave in Brooklyn



Rank Queens Deli’s Votes

Sal, Kris, & Charlie’s in Astoria

“there is absolutely no better in NYC.” – Mike Rohas

“Sal Chris and Charlie’s in Astoria for cold cut hero’s” — KMAC

“Have them cut it in “fours”.” – Greg Smith

See writeup above.

4 (tie)

Cristina’s in Whitestone, Queens

“They got some crazy sandwiches there” – Bankai (Finished the story)

Idk about the best but theyve never let me down. Always leave full and happy” — Luisa

See writeup above.

4 (tie)

Cherry Valley

See writeup above.

11 (tie)

Pastrami Queen — Upper East Side

See writeup above.

11 (tie)

Hollis Deli in Queens

“Bring your bulletproof vest” — LowKeYstackS

See writeup above.

11 (tie)

J and J in Queens

See writeup above.

19 (tie)

179 Deli

See writeup above.

19 (tie)

Brothers in Howard Beach

See writeup above.


Sandwich King Astoria


Super Deli in Woodhaven


Tasty Deli in Brairwood, Queens


Ben’s Best in Rego Park


Manor Delicatessen in Queens

Known for its “cold cut sandwiches.”


St James Deli in Astoria

“”get the tacos .. the quesadilla one.. they’re like hard shell.”


Tony’s Deli in Beechurst Queens


George’s Deli in Astoria


Ikraveit in Astoria


Gold Tims in Queens


Konstantines Deli in Bayside Queens

“It’s deep into bayside queens but Konstantines deli has some of the best sandwiches and burgers you’ll ever eat. Great people who own it too.” — Knicks Plus


Yablakak Deli – Jamaica Ave

“Unreal!” — Nicholas


Benateri’s Gourmet Italian Deli

129-21 14th Ave, College Point, NY

“Benateri’s is pretty sick” – Giants Agita


The Bronx

Overall Rank Bronx Deli’s Votes
8 (tie)

Liebman’s Kosher Deli in Riverdale

“Their famous location is in Riverdale, but they also just opened one up out in Westchester.” – Morgan C Williams Jr

See writeup above.

11 (tie)

Mike’s on Arthur Avenue

“Mikes Deli in the Bronx! But Second Ave Deli is a close runner-up” – Viktor Vaughn III

See writeup above.


Ram’s Deli on E Fordham


Morris Park Deli

Ann Claire’s in the Bronx

“my personal favorite is Ann Claire’s in the Bronx. the best sandwiches and homemade Italian everything.” – the Zen Realtor


Casa Della Mozzarella

Arthur Ave the Bronx — Fresh Mozzarella and Italian Sandwiches

604 East 187th Street Arthur Ave

Said Not Just Knicks:

  • “Pastrami or Corned Beef: Kat’z Deli (Houston st, L.E.S.)
  • Chicken Cutlet or Potato & Egg Hero: Delfonte’s (Red Hook, BK)
  • A Chopped Sandwich: Farmer in The Deli (Myrtle Av & Adelphi st,BK)
  • Fresh Mozzarella & Italian Sandwichs: Casa Della Mozzarella (Arthur ave, The Bronx)”

Claremon and Third in the Bronx

Recommended for “hot sandwiches.”


Williambridge of the Bronx


Pruzzos on Weschester Ave in the Bronx

“G and R and Pruzzos in The Bronx” — Anthony Donahue


Gleason Deli in the Bronx


Mr G’s Deli on Layfayette in the Bronx


Joe’s Deli the Bronx


Webster Deli in the Bronx on Webster


Jairo Deli on Westchester and Soundview

“Really depends on the neighborhood and borough, but for the Bronx it’s Webster Deli on Webster or Jairo Deli on Westchester and Soundview for cocadas and cafecitos” – Ivan Guzman


G & R Deli

Williamsbridge Road in the Bronx


Staten Island

Overall Rank Staten Island Deli’s Votes

Filoncino’s and Royal Cafe in Staten Island

“Depends on what you’re in the mood for, Katz is overrated, you want chopped cheese then def gotta hit a bodega in the BX, you want a nice Italian sandwich you gotta go to defontes or filoncino in Staten Island” 00 NYSprots

“For Italian Sandwiches: Royal Crown in Staten Island Jewish Deli: Pastrami Queen on the UES Bagels: Absolute Bagels on the UWS” — Dr. &rew Olsen, PhD (Blue Check Mark)

See writeup above.

11 (tie)

John’s Deli in Brooklyn (New Dorp)

Also written up in Brooklyn section (13th Avenue).


Nome Deli

Behind the SI Mall in New Springville


Surrounding Area of NYC

Overall Rank White Plains & Westchester Deli’s Votes

Dante in White Plains

“It’s close to the Practice Facility. Check it out.” — Maximilian


Scaperotta’s in Dobbs Ferry

Overall Rank Long Island Deli’s Votes

My Hero –  Bellmore NY


My Hero in Merrick on Long Island

“Gotta go to my hero in merrick on Long Island and get a chicken club. You’ll never go anywhere else” — Mikey8222

Overall Rank New Jersey (near NYC) Deli’s Votes


1173 King Georges Post Rd, Edison, NJ

Known for its Corned Beef, Pastrami, and Cheese Cake. Says it has the world’s largest pickle bar.


There were also votes for chain stores like Wegmans, Jersey Mike’s, and Subway.

“Too many to choose from” — SherrodTrue

“What’s the difference, they’re all amazing.” — said NBAVE.

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