Santini’s — Amazing New York Deli in Virginia

I was recommended to Santini’s in Chantilly, Virginia by Big Mike Clark of the Ashburn Clark’s.

Big Mike is originally from Syracuse and played college football at Hobart in Geneva NY, but has been living in Ashburn, Virginia raising his family for over 20 years. Important to the scope of this article, Big Mike knows good food.

Doing the math, Big Mike knows good eateries in the Chantilly, Virginia area — which is by Dulles Airport. One of Big Mike’s favorite eateries in the area is Santini’s New York Style Deli.

1. Santini’s Italian Sandwich

The first time in Santini’s, I had what Big Mike was having — which was his favorite Santini’s sandwich — the foot-long Italian. Drenched in Olive Oil.

I became a fan on the spot, and have returned to Santini’s many times — sometimes with Big Mike, and sometimes by myself — whenever work travels found me in Chantilly, which has one of the headquarters of the company I work for.

I present to you, the Santini’s Italian sandwich — better than any Italian sandwiches I’ve since tried at Deli’s and Italian Pizzeria eateries in NYC — specifically Staten Island, NY, which is an Italian borough:

It is “god damn” good.

2. Santini’s Chili

Now let me show you the chili, which Big Mike also had the first time we ate together in Santini’s, which I also ordered along with the sandwich and have been ordering ever since.

It is “god damn” good.

Santini’s has many, many other things on the menu. I can only imagine they are very good too.

3. Santini’s Interior

Santini in Chantilly — the original Santini’s — offers a big wide-open space, with lots of pictures on the wall of NYC sports things, especially NY Yankee baseball.

Sometimes when I’ve been in Santini’s, entire little league teams are in there with the parent coaches.

Interior of Santini’s in Chantilly.
Interior of Santini’s in Chantilly, VA. Notice the NYC subway signs on the wall.

4. Santini’s Locations

Santini’s is so good and successful they have begun to open up other stores. At this writing, besides Chantilly they are also in:

  • Oakton, Virginia
  • Reston, Virginia
  • Fairfax, Virginia
  • Sterling, Virginia
  • McClean, Virginia
  • Ashburn, Virginia — a new store right in Big Mike’s neighborhood — lucky him!

They may be moving North.. One can only hope they come as far North as NYC!

Picture of Big Mike (center) and I (right) with our co-worker buddy Jog from England. This was in Vegas — Jog has never had the opportunity to eat at Santini’s.
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