Hotel Review: Roy Street Commons — Seattle, Washington

I was traveling to Seattle, Washington for the weekend to attend a good friend’s wedding [click here for review of Seattle]. Most of those traveling in for the wedding were staying at the Downtown Athletic Club, where a special rate had been arranged of around $240 a night. That is a good rate for Seattle — but a search on Expedia found an even lower price — $120 a night — or only 25,000 points/night, for Roy Street Commons — an eccentric-looking hotel in the northern part of town —  Capital Hill.

Roy Street Commons seemed to be pretty close to the wedding — being held at the Seattle Tennis Club; a short 5-minute Lyft ride away. On Expedia, and the Credit-Card-Points booking site — the studio room looked tiny — but enchanting. I was by myself — didn’t have the kids to please — so the goal was to be as affordable as possible as long as no bed bugs or roaches are involved. I’ll sleep in a bus station if need be. So I took a chance on Roy Street Commons.

Roy Street Commons = Enchanting

Roy Street Commons was one of the most enchanting places I’ve ever stayed. The room was made for one or two people; you cannot get a family in there. It is a small room with a small bed — but just enough space to feel comfortable. Very, very clean. A new building. No frills — you see the bare concrete blocks that make up the walls.


There is a breakfast area at the front of the hotel; free continental breakfast is provided in the morning — a decently sized arrangement of healthy stuff, like granola bars, fruit, cereal and raisins. Orange juice, coffee, tea, or cold water.

Front entrance room of Roy Street Commons — breakfast/eating area to the left, kitchen to the right — and hallway with 1st-floor rooms. Staircase to rooms upstairs just past the red fire alarm.

Community Rooms

There are two community rooms — on the 3rd and 5th floors — where one can lounge, read magazines that are left out, and borrow an iron and ironing board. Very open, well-lit (on the sunny side of the street) community rooms.

No Elevator in the 5th Floor Walkup

There is no elevator so if you have a room on the 5th floor (mine was on the 3rd) you have to lug your luggage up the stairs. There is no front office — you are given a code via email for the front door.

Location, Location, Location

Roy Street Commons is located in the heart of Capital Hill, a very happening area of Seattle. So you get a good hotel price, a small but very clean room, and an enchanting hotel in a great location. For more on Seattle and Capital Hill, read the Ignorant Traveler’s review of Seattle.

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