Days Inn, North Chicago: Awoken by the Sound of Freight Trains

The Days Inn by Wyndham Great Lakes in North Chicago is neither here nor there as a hotel — clean, small lobby that is not cozy, rooms are sparse; I had a room with a table for a desk, and simple chairs instead of an office swivel chair, etc. It’s clean. Workers friendly. The breakfast is nothing to speak of; the room was empty every morning! Price was cheap — $65 to $75 a night except one night when it was $138 because it was booked almost full. I had a 5-day stay ahead of me, doing work at the local Navy base — and I almost was going to switch hotels — until the first night — at 4am in the morning, I was awoken by the horn of a freight train. And then again at 5am — like an “I Love Lucy” episode.

Turns out the Freight train tracks are right across the street from this hotel. As a fan of freight trains — I LOVED THE PLACE. Location, location, location. And you are close to the water — aka jump in your car and in a few minutes drive you can be by the lake. In walking distance is a terrific local eatery Flanagans, open all night with Terrific pan pizza (esp w jalapinos & mushrooms!). I’d go back to North Chicago just for their pizza.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 days in this hotel — albiet I was out most of the time — either working or in the evenings, taking trips down to Chicago to see the Cubs at Wrigley or blues at Rosa’s. And the Freight train horn didn’t interrupt my sleep after that first morning. But I heard it regularly in the evening right after work or just before bed.

I could have switched hotels to a nice Holiday Inn Express with lovely lobby inland — but then I’d be in just another strip mall for the trip. This one had Location, Location, Location — grit & the sound of Freight trains at night!! You do NOT get that everywhere.

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